It is utterly sad and severely disheartening today, 48 years after the 1964 revolution, Zanzibar is yet to achieve her real emancipation. While all African countries are struggling to flourish their post colonial economy and development, Zanzibar is still fighting for her freedom and independence from Tanganyika.

The real popular 10th, December 1963 independence, which lived for hardly one month, was abruptly cut short in 12th, January 1964 when a mob of heavily armed hooligans sent from Tanganyika invaded Zanzibar in the darkness of the night and committed senseless killings of thousands of innocent Zanzibaris. A pure genocide premeditated and executed in the name of revolution.

This was an intricate conspiracy against Zanzibar masterminded by Nyerere for the purpose of eradicating Islam, controlling political movements and limiting developmental prospects which posed a threat to his own slow moving pace of economic development. He then handed the power to Karume who didn’t even know what was going on.

As if that wasn’t disastrous enough, three months later he came up with the idea of uniting Zanzibar and Tanganyika to unsuspecting Karume. This was the right time for him to continue with his process to colonize Zanzibar.

After a short spell of carefully planned threats and intensive persuasion Karume bulged and accepted the idea. In 26th, April 1964 he blindly, without consulting or involving any of his subordinates or seeking legal advice, submitted the sovereignty of Zanzibar to Nyerere hopping he himself would safely remain in power for ever.

Little did Karume know that he was committing a grievous mistake that would later cost him his life. This was a continuing process for Nyerere to subdue Zanzibar and wipe her off the face of the earth, the mission he never fully accomplished. He managed, though, to rob us of our sovereignty and independence rendering us a powerless district of Tanganyika.

Surprisingly enough, the same Nyerere who was doing all this, is the same Nyerere who, between early sixties and late seventies, was in the fore front in supporting the freedom fighting in colonial Africa. He offered billions worth of peasants’ money, weapons and other resources and lost Tanzanians’ lives in foreign wars to support freedom fighters around Africa. And yet he turned back to colonize Zanzibar, his next door neighbour.

This is beyond any sane person’s comprehension. It doesn’t need an astrologer to realize this person was a devil. He was seeking for political prestige out side and yet committing political suicide close to home. This is Nyerere at the height of his evil side. You can’t appear to fight for freedom of others and yet colonize others.

We are all victims of this vicious person’s political ambitions. We have lost 48 years of a precious time for our progressive endeavor. Today we are celebrating 48 years of nothing, 48 years of captivity, 48 years of poverty. But the biggest victim of all is Karume himself. He was killed as soon as he started showing a sense of obstinacy against Nyereres’ malicious proposals. His death paved way for the total domination for Tanganyika over Zanzibar.

We have ever since been under this domination and lack of freedom. Our leaders have been toothless and unable to stand for Zanzibar rights and dues in the union. Constitution has been changing time and again, all to the disadvantages of Zanzibar. Our leaders feel more comfortable pleasing and obeying Tanganyikans than safe-guarding interests of Zanzibar, mainly for their own personal gains.

We must do something to combat this situation. Zanzibar must attain her freedom from Tanganyika. Zanzibar must return to its sovereignty and freedom to plan and execute its own development programs. Yes we can.

To do this we must disengage ourselves from this union. On the new constitutional proposal we must state categorically we don’t want the union with Tanganyika. It must be dissolved, each side to remain with her own sovereignty. Then we can decide on the sectors to have mutual cooperation.

We owe it to this and the next generation to set this country free. If we won’t do it now, we are finished. Our ancestors failed us; we can’t afford to fail our successors.