Three-tier govt structure will break Union – Karume

By Mwinyi Sadallah
28th July 2013
Ambassador Ali Abeid Karume

As constitutional councils across Tanzania continue to deliberate on the first draft of the Constitution, Ambassador Ali Abeid Karume says the three-government structure proposal will break the existing Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar.

Speaking at a press conference at Dunga in Central District, South Unguja Region, Karume expressed disagreement with politicians who support the structure, saying they exposed their low level knowledge on the international matters.

Explaining that the European Union is different from the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar, he said:

“The major principal of the agreement based cooperation is the cooperation itself and not the constitutional Union guided by the law as is the case for the Tanganyika Zanzibar Union, which is recognized by the United Nations,” noted Karume.

Karume added that the EU countries agreed to focus on the Union development instead of uniting the countries and have a single seat at the UN. He added the EU are yet to decide on the formation of the United States of Europe as it is the case for USA and UK.

On UK comprising England, Wales, Scotland, Northern and Northern Ireland, he said those countries enjoy semi-autonomy but use common currency and are united on matters such as foreign, defence and security, citizenship, higher education and central bank.

“The United Republic of Tanzania has one seat at the UN, this is not a cooperation based Union as it is guided by law through Constitution that the UN seat includes Tanganyika and Zanzibar”.

Ambassador Karume said though the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) under retired judge Joseph Warioba proposing for reduction of Union matters from 22 to 7, there is still doubt on the formation of a third government within the Union.

Ali Karume the son of the Zanzibar first president Abeid Amani Karume and younger brother to the immediate former Zanzibar President Amani Karume says it is clear ‘one plus one is two and not three,’ therefore any attempt to provide sovereignty to Tanganyika and Zanzibar is the beginning of the collapse of the Union.

Every president would like to have a sovereign state. The presidents of Tanganyika and Zanzibar would like to look after their countries’ interests.

“They can dwell on the costs of the third government instead of solving their problems which could bring about chaos that would not end even for five years” noted the retired envoy.

H criticized the politicians who he said deliberately mislead the public by arguing with half truths and evading matters that posed risk to the country’s stability.

He maintained that one of the factors that led to the break up of the former East African Community in 1977 was differences in political ideologies among the then presidents in the region namely presidents, Julius Nyerere, Jomo Kenyata and Miltone Obote.

“It is wise the two governments to be firm to defend the principles of national unity and act tough against people who tamper with peace and tranquility” he intoned.

Ha opposed strongly ‘contractual Union’ being propagated by a score of some Zanzibaris, saying: “That is a certificate to the collapse of current Union.