Ujumbe maalum

Matengenezo usiku wa leo jumapili


Kwa mujibu wa habari tulizotumiwa na host wetu, leo usiku kutakuwa na matengenezo ya hapa na pale na inawezekana kusababisha mtandao wa MZALENDO.NET usiku wa leo jumapili kuwa wa taabu kidogo.Habari kamili tuliotumiwa:

Maintenance Type:


Maintenance Severity:


Scheduled Date:

05/04/2013 22:00


Up to 9 hours

Detailed Description:

This weekend is our monthly comprehensive maintenance window from 7PM Saturday to 7AM Sunday. Network connections will be reorganized for greater efficiency. During this reorganization, servers may lose the connection to their SAN and require a reboot. This is not anticipated for all affected servers, but may occur. Reboots may be slow due to the numbers of servers affected.