Video:Polisi Mahonda apokea rushwa – mbele ya camera!

Although Zanzibar was a beautiful place to visit, officials were trying to take bribes from the moment we landed (like the Yellow Fever scammers in Arrivals, then the car hire scammers in the airport car-park). That may explain my frustration at the end of this video.

Although I had a valid ‘Foreigners Driving Permit’, OFFICER ALI here – of the Police Post in Mahonda – stopped us at his roadblock on the second day and demanded a $40 bribe to allow us to drive on. After a long debate, he pockets 60,000 Tanzanian Shillings (about $28) without a receipt – and still tries to shake my hand.

(For those commenting that we should not have paid, the other option was to wait there for TWO DAYS until after Eid, and then pay a court official!) The offence was not carrying my national driving license, even though I had already shown it to get the Zanzibar ‘Driving Permit’.

But the money went straight into his pocket.

By Pete Taylor