Nafasi za masomo-Finland

Are you interested in a Master’s Degree in Education from Finland?

Finland is one of the world leaders in education, ranked by several international assessments such as OECD assessment.

Since Finnish education is internationally very well-known from its high quality, a Master’s Degree from Finland is a sound investment.

Learning, Education and Technology (LET) is a full-time two-year international Master’s Degree Programme in The University of Oulu, Finland. (120 ECTS credits).

University of Oulu does not charge tuition fees from international degree students starting their studies in the Autumn Semester 2015.

After completing the programme, students are awarded a Master of Arts (Education) degree, which enables them to continue their academic studies at the doctoral level.

The Master’s Degree Programme in Learning, Education and Technology (LET) educates experts in learning and we welcome both Finnish and foreign students. The core of the education consists of three theoretical viewpoints: self-regulated learning, collaborative learning, and the learning of expertise. Each aspect provides individual and collaborative learning skills, and understanding and developing these abilities are essential in this programme. Expertise includes abilities to use technologies in pedagogically grounded manners in different learning contexts.

Collaboration and teamwork are essential factors in today’s working life. A combination of strong theoretical knowledge of learning and collaboration, and modern use of information technology and social media that promotes learning is now a necessity, and priceless in the future.

Technology-enhanced individual and collaborative learning methods are used in the practical implementation of the LET program.

In Learning, Education and Technology Master’s Degree Programme you are able to implement the skills gathered during studies in your own career throughout your life.

Our basic requirements are a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent higher education degree and Sufficient English language proficiency.

No document is needed for the proof of language proficiency, since the level of English language will be assessed during the interview in the second stage of the student selection, if an applicant has been selected for the interview.

The application procedure happens through University Admissions Finland.

Please see more information about the admissions from this page:

The next application round begins in a couple of weeks, 15th of December 2014 and continues until January 30, 2015 (16.00 GMT +2).

For more information about our programme, please visit: